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Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Zoë Schwarz


A very young Zoe's musical journey started by being brought up at a convent boarding school singing sacred music in church several times a week.  A natural singer, Zoe was chosen as a regular soloist, and also often conducted the schola.  Zoe broadened her musical intake by defying school rules and listening to John Peel under the bed-cloths late at night on a tiny transistor radio (and loving bands like the Stranglers).   Zoe was introduced to Billie Holiday by her uncle Colin in her early teens, this was inadvertently the crucial stepping stone to Zoe's natural home of singing the blues.  By the time Zoe left school she had achieved grade 8 piano, clarinet, music theory and singing (not to mention hours knocking around on an acoustic guitar when ever possible and dabbling in early song writing).  From here on the journey started ...

Rob Koral


Rob says.... "When I first started playing guitar at school, the challenge between us guitar-playing rebels was to see who had the sweetest vibrato. Who could bend the string up a whole tone, and hold it with the most control.  Playing the Blues must be the most natural way to start playing guitar. It gives you an understanding of the relationship between the string, the wood, and the amp. The amp is not just to make the guitar louder, but is an integral part of the instrument... it’s a partnership between the guitar and amp, and is a tool to help you achieve your stylistic goals....

Pete Whittaker

Hammond Organ

Pete was fortunate to gain wider experience and exposure in the 1990s by touring with a couple of high-profile rock bands. The first of these was an Indie-ish melodic rock band (with a distinct folk-music influence) called The Wonder Stuff. Pete toured UK, Europe and North America with them (on and off)from 1991 to their initial disintegration in 1994.

Paul Robinson


Paul has played with Nina Simone (19 years), Van Morrison, Jan Hammer, The Art Of Noise, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Pet Shop Boys! How about Dianne Reeves, Patti Austin & Liz Wright and many many more

This is a snippet from Paul's hugely interesting and extensive biography which can be found at Paul Robinson Drummer Online   

1984 “I received a call from Martin Drew, Martin was the house drummer at Ronnie Scotts Club in London. He had started a 2-week engagement with Nina Simone when he received a call from Oscar Peterson, (one of Martin's other gigs) so off he went, booking me to complete the following 8 or 9 days. When the gig was over I thought that was it! How wrong can one be!! That was actually the start of a gig & relationship that would dominate the next 19 years of my life!” remembers Paul.