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2014 British Blues Awards Vote Now

The voting for the British Blues Awards kicks off today, and for those of you who feel so inclined to cast your vote in my favour please do so, I'd really appreciate it. It's very quick and straight forward. British Blues Awards Voting Form (make sure you hit submit and then click on the link in the confirmation email you'll be sent).  Thanks Zoe x

It's been 26 months now since our first gig with this band, for the record, it was in Oxford on Feb 24th 2012, as it happens, Rob's birthday.  It's been a great time and in just a few weeks we are going to start recording our third album.  I feel that we've got the chemistry and the ingredients just right, and this has been born out by the fact that we have covered so much ground in such a short space of time.

As always, thank you for your support, will keep you posted with the latest news here.