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A very successful recording session for our 4th studio album.

That was a great fun two days recording at Platform Studio Official.... superb sound with Stuart Dixon at the helm! All 13 tracks down including 11 brand new originals. I couldn't wait to put these tunes in front of the guys (for the first time) and as always they didn't let me down, their playing and interpretation was amazing....We've always worked this way, fast and "in the moment" with Paul Robinson-drums, Pete Whittaker-Hammond organ, and of course Rob Koral-guitar ..... haven't got much to show you at this moment, but here's a few pics.... will have quality video footage and stuff to share with you later on courtesy of Rodney and Norma Hearth. This will be the 4th Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion studio album, which we have tentatively titled 'This Is The Life I Choose' ... do you like that title? bye for now from a very excited me. x