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An interview, an article and IBBA pick of the month.

A few things to share with you today: First up, a thought, one of the reasons for getting an album out there is for it to be heard... and I'm happy to say that that part of the mission has been very successful, we are getting multiple plays on a daily basis, here in the UK, mainland Europe and in the USA.  As a result, here in the UK this month we are one of the 4 "picks of the month" for the IBBA DJs. 

Rob wrote a very interesting article, 'Czech It Out', with observations and thoughts about our recent 13 date tour of the Czech Republic which is published in the April edition of Blues In Britain. 

Finally, CLICK HERE to hear our interview with Pete Feenstra for 'Get Ready To Rock Radio' where we talk about influences and the putting together of our new album 'This Is The Life I Choose', plus several tracks from the album, and tracks by other bands/artists selected by me and Rob that have been big influences throughout our lives. 

Zoe x