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Bond Mash-Up video for Angel Of Mercy, feed-back to EXPOSED, plus radio interview

Hi everyone, First up, a bit of fun, Jason Elliott, the renowned blues promoter and radio presenter, put together a James Bond 'Mash-up' video to our song 'Angel Of Mercy'.    On at least 4 separate occasions, and in different towns, people have said this song should be a 'Bond theme', wouldn't that be nice :-)  Have a look, and you can see how cleverly Jason put the video together.... and how well the music suits: -

So far, the response to EXPOSED has been 100% positive.   As we write, the album is number 2 in the IBBA charts.    We've had about 8 or 9 published reviews so far, not only here but across the channel as well.    We have an interview in the next issue of the R2 magazine, as well as the October issue of Classic Rock's The Blues Magazine (Issue 16).   The next Blue Commotion gig will be tuesday 9th December at the Talking Heads in Southampton.   Last night we had a lovely 'live' chat with Richard Dunning for Radio Croydon prior to our gig at The Tuesday Music Club in Hooley,... here's the link:   Our chat starts at 30:30 minutes.    Will be back soon, thanks for supporting us.   Rob and Zoe xx