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'Exposed' Update & Summer gigs

We're just honing in on the final mixes for our 3rd album 'Exposed'.  The post production stage has involved adding some percussion and a few guitar overdubs, as we'll as some backing vocals, and horns on 3 tracks.  The reason for the guitar overdubs is to bring other colours to the overall finished sound-scape of the 12 or 13 songs we eventually put on the album.   If you can imagine recording 'live' in the studio, which we do, and is the only way to record this music if you want to capture genuine inter reaction between the musicians, then changing guitars or guitar sounds mid-song, for say the bridge of a song, is not possible.  

Gig wise, we have just had a great weekend at Marlborough Jazz festival and Upton Upon Severn Blues Festival, and are looking forward to several more festivals and club dates throughout the summer: Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Gig Dates

Thanks for logging in and keep watching this space. Rob and Zoe x