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Festivals, new songs, and a short video

A few things to let you all know about: Firstly as I write we have a few festivals coming up, hopefully one of them is in striking range for you :-)  FRI 15th July-Marlborough Jazz & Blues festival-our set is 9:30-11:30pm @Caslte & Ball stage.  Then SAT 16th July-Ealing Blues Festival 3:45-5pm.  For those of you in the North East, we are at Saltburn Blues Club on SAT 30th July.... and then we are on festival mode again SAT afternoon 6th Aug-Stompin' on The Quomps, Christchurch Dorset 2-3:30pm

In the meantime, we have started writing new material for our next studio album which we plan to start work on in Sept.... as usual for us, our method is to have 2 days recording the tracks 'live' in the studio, and then a little post production work which may involve adding horns and one or two other minimal parts.

Finally, on a musical note... here's a short video from Rob from his Guitar Video Blog "How I Feel Today". Zoe x