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Good Times Remixed, Remastered & Bonus Tracks

  • Subtitle: For release on 27th Jan 2023 with Single 'Exit' released on 27th Dec & 'Take Me Back' for Single release on 13th January.

As an artist, instinctively releasing old material generates the thought “but that was then, I play, sing, or write songs much better now” A good 10 plus years has passed since this session! If I was to separate myself from it personally, I believe I can hear a fantastic energy, high-quality musicians playing together ‘live in the studio’ with a definite collective idea! Something that has all the ingredients to grow and evolve over time, it’s up to the listener to decide if we’ve proven that point. I was never satisfied with the initial mix, and this anniversary landmark presented the opportunity to re present our first album with a straightforward, honest and simple reworking As a counterbalance I’ve added three much more recent bonus tracks, a sort of then and now reference. I hope you enjoy the music. Rob