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"I'm not bragging, I'm just buzzing"

Rob here.... I'm proud to say I've played guitar full time since 10th Feb 1984, I'm especially proud of the fact that I've only played music that interests and inspires me personally.  More and more I've found myself being quizzed, even by people who have known me for a long time... "How do you keep all that energy and optimism so intact?" ..... thinks for a second... it's being in a band that stands for something, it's being in a band with great musicians, a band that doesn't write songs to formula, never has arrangements or parts so "locked down" that we can't surprise ourselves, or stop the music evolving, going into the studio having never even let the guys hear the new songs, but knowing that they're going to add to the music... and finally realising that more and more people are "getting it" and acknowledging what we stand for.
More than 30 reviews in for 'This Is The Life I Choose' so far with quotes like, "artistic finesse", "a surprise every song", "irresistible musicianship". I'M NOT BRAGGING, JUST BUZZING..... I'm like a body builder on steroids. :-)
BTW I know we're not the only band doing this... I mean, standing for something and being true.
Thanks Pete Whittaker, Paul Robinson and Zoe Schwarz, you are AWESOME. Here is an example review: Bluebird Reviews, International Blues Music Blog