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Imminent 'live' album

Hi everyone, we're very excited to report that there will be a 'live' album available this spring.  It wasn't initially planned, but we were offered the opportunity of recording our gig at The Tuesday Music Club in Surrey, literally as we walked through the door, this was November 2014.  It features tracks from all three of our albums.  As well as our regular band members, Paul Robinson, Pete Whittaker and Si Genaro, it also features the amazing horn section of Ian Ellis and Andy Urquhart on several numbers.   Ian and Andy have appeared on all three of our albums.  The track list contains some of our most popular numbers like 'Beatitudes', 'Take Me Back' and 'Fine and Mellow'.

 We'll also be updating our photo gallery with some more great 'live' photos. 

Also, we were very pleased to be awarded Best Band for 2014 and 2nd Best Album (EXPOSED) by  Blues In The South.  Similarly, Zoe was Runner-up for best Vocalist and the band was 3rd in the Blues Matters 2014 writers poll.  See you soon, bye for now Rob and Zoe xx