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New Videos for the album EXPOSED

Here is Official promo trailer for the album Exposed, brilliantly put together by Margarita Vazquez.

Rob says: "Had a lot of fun producing and mixing the new album.... to help do justice to her and the rest of the band I enlisted the help and experience of my good friend Carl Chamberlain.  We took a bit of a liberty with this one and opened the doors to the public. Hope you like it!" Broken Heart Blues  

Zoe says: "Also, a bit of a fun, uptempo, rave up which features all three soloists in the band on top form iwht a great pulse and groove from Paul.  Hope you enjoy it. The images have been brilliantly put together by co-prducer Carl Chamberlain, and I hope they help you enjoy the journey. Let Me Sing The Blues  

P.S. Oh, and we received this out of the blues from our friend, promoter and radio DJ .... it's a 'Mash-up'  .... a real coincidence since there have been several occasions recently where various people have said to us that this song should be a 'Bond Theme'....  that would be something wouldn't it! Angel Of Mercy (Bond Theme Mash-Up)