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Planning ahead.

The album's out there now, and so far the response has been very good.  Don't forget you can send us your feed back and reaction to the album if you feel so inclined, it's always interesting for us to hear your thoughts.  You can, of course, write into various radio shows to request a track of ours, it all helps a great deal! :-)  Personally, we thought we'd be in recovery mode now - but we're finding the complete opposite and are almost planning the next recording.... we thought about a live album, a good idea?   What we have done this last week is record and film a few duo performances, so provided they come out well we may post them on Youtube.  Talking about Youtube, we have put three of the tracks up there with some brilliant montages put together by our good friend Carl Chamberlain.  Please go and have a look and click 'like' if you enjoy them.  Will be back soon ,cheers Rob and Zoe xx