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The recording process for our song 'People' captured on film.

Rob here... a few people have asked me about our recording method with the question of how do we get so much done so quickly.  Well, the answer is easy to show you, and for those of you with some patience, THIS VIDEO which is 12 minutes long shows us recording the song 'People' for our 4th studio album 'This Is The Life I Choose' at Platform studios near Reading.   The answer is, we play live... on this video, we have 3 "takes"... the first one which was going like a house on fire, was only stopped by, I think it was a Hi-Hat moving.  Then there was take 2 (on this take the camera lost the feed from the desk for the guitar and vocal). Then 3rd take is the one we used... and on the video we've used the audio from the mixed track.  So, THREE stages, in this case with the sound much more like the finished product on the final take.   Yes, there is some percussion added afterwards, and also a re-sing in place of the guide vocal.    This blog is for the purist :-)   'The recording process for our song 'People' captured on film. (including some banter between the band members discussing the merits of a take)... that's Stuart Dixon engineering the session.