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'This Is The Life I Choose', our forth studio album, update

Very happy to report that our 4th studio album 'This Is The Life I Choose' has gone off for manufacture.   We have eleven brand new original songs for you, plus two bonus tracks, both covers: 'Feeling Good', which has often been a tour-de-force for us on gigs, plus the more unusual choice of 'We're Going Wrong', a famous Jack Bruce song from the 60's.   In the next few days we'll announce a pre-order package; the official release date is set for 3rd March, but we anticipate being able to get pre-order copies out by the end of January.... keep an eye on our Facebook posts. 

In the meantime, to further wet your appetite .... here are a couple of quotes from respected industry people:

“I am listening to the new album now, and I'm floored, completely floored!“ - Peter Holmstedt PR Sweden

“Blue Commotion is a breath of fresh air on a contemporary music scene too often dominated by image, the bottom line and the need for an instant hook.

They refresh the blues genre with mostly self penned material, hugely original arrangements, virtuosic playing and of course Zoe Schwarz’s majestic vocal sweep and interpretive ability.

‘This Is the Life I Choose’ proudly confirms them as an independent band who stand proudly above the cut and thrust of the ‘music biz’ and pursue their muse with real vitality and passion.

They rock, they groove, they swing, they jam, and always make an essential meaningful connection with their free spirited approach.

Some people call it blues, the band would probably settle for just damn fine music!” - Pete Feenstra/ Features Editor Get Ready To