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Blue Commotion
featuring Gareth Williams-piano and Steve Thompson-double bass

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  • 33JAZZ 222
  • Blue Commotion
  • Price: 10
  • Label: 33 JAZZ
  • Catalog Number: 33JAZZ 222
  • Zoe Schwarz - vocals, Rob Koral - guitar, Gareth Williams - piano, Steve Thompson - Double Bass, Paul Robinson - Drums


    • Track
      Words & Music by
      1. Blues Before Sunrise
      Leroy Carr
      2. No Good Man
      Sammy Gallop, Irene Higginbotham, Dan Fisher
      3. Ain't That Fine
      Ray Charles
      4. Going Down Slow
      St. Louis Jimmy Oden
      5. Since I Fell For You
      Buddy Johnson
      6. I Can't Quite You Babe
      Willie Dixon
      7. If I Didn't Care
      Zoe Schwarz, Rob Koral
      8. She Was Just A Name
      Zoe Schwarz, Rob Koral, lyrics by Roger Parsons
      9. Too Darn Rich To Be Happy
      Zoe Schwarz, Rob Koral
      10. He's Funny That Way
      Charles Daniels, Richard Whiting
      11. Stormy Blues
      Billie Holiday
      12. I'm Ready
      Muddy Waters
      13. Sitting On Top Of The World
      Walter Vinson, Lonnie Chatmon