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Devil Or Dove

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  • 33JAZZ121
  • Devil Or Dove
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  • Label: 33 Records
  • Catalog Number: 33JAZZ121
  • "The CD title ‘Devil or Dove’ was born from the song ‘A Dove’. After the sudden death of a friend’s mother I was helping out with her children and as we were parting, a dove settled on my car just inches from us. It lingered and then, to my amazement, its beak touched her lips as if to kiss her. I was very moved by this seemingly powerful act of love.
    My lyrics and chosen cover songs look at life and love and, in a mood of peace and tranquility at the end of the day, a lullaby concludes the album. The title track ‘ Devil or Dove’ parodies two types of love: the force of temptation, and that unconditional love we all crave.

    With ‘Blues To Frankie and Johnny’ two people come to terms with life and themselves. Against all the odds, with relentless perseverance and passion, they find victory in love and happiness. This was inspired by the film ‘Frankie and Johnny’ (Al Pacino and Michelle Pfifer) which in turn emanated from the well loved song ‘ Frankie and Johnny were Lovers’.

    Billie Holiday is always an inspiration to jazz singers. The powerful effect of her life story led me to write ‘Let’s Explain’. Following on came my question and answer song “Give Him Up Girl” inspired further by her life story and the realities of bullying.

    Then, idle gossip led me to write 'People Like To Talk'.


    "I believe that setting a mood that fits the story and lyric of a song is the secret of good writing. It should be sensual and provoke an emotional response from the listener, whether it is a moving ballad or a spine tingling up-tempo number. Getting the right mix of musicians also helps. (There can never be too many musicians; music is such a big and important part of our lives. The more singers and players the better).

    These songs all started with a discussion about the subject matter, and my nylon string guitar to hand. My main task would be to find some nice harmonies and to help create a form, a shape to the motion of the song. Because Zoë and I come from different musical backgrounds, I feel that a very interesting ingredient is thrown into the melting pot.
    Finally I would like to say that we all know, love and need the great standard repertoire but I also think that it is important to create new music."



    • Track
      Words & Music by
      1. Blues to Frankie & Johnny
      Schwarz & Koral
      2. Devil or Dove
      Schwarz & Koral
      3. Lets Explain
      Schwarz & Koral
      4. Devil May Care
      Dorough & Kirk
      5. Heroes
      Sue Hawker & Koral
      6. People Like To Talk
      Schwarz & Koral
      7. Throw It Away
      Abbey Lincoln
      8. More Than You Know
      Rose, Eliscu & Youmans
      9. Give Him Up Girl
      Schwarz & Koral
      10. Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues
      J. Smith
      11. A Dove
      Schwarz & Koral
      12. You're Not Alone
      Schwarz & Koral
      13. Will You
      Hazel O'Connor
      14. Meet You In My Dreams
      Koral & Schwarz