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Price: £10.00

  • Label: 33 Records
  • Catalog Number: 33WM158
  • Release Date: 03-04-2020
  • Distributor: Proper Note

“We’re very proud to present the sixth studio album for Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion. It’s hard to believe that it’s only eight years that we started this particular musical journey with Pete Whittaker-Hammond organ and Paul Robinson-drums.  We have another twelve original songs for you here, and we felt that because of the diversity of musical stylings, the album title Chameleon fitted perfectly.  

   It was a fun summer sitting in the garden with an acoustic guitar and a note pad coming up with these ideas.  At the start of each project, the idea of coming up with another bunch of songs feels daunting, but to be honest, once the ball gets rolling it just seems to flow.  The simplest of ideas can sometimes take on a life of their own and turn into the best songs of all. We don’t write songs to any formula or template we just pursue a ‘mood’ that happens to strike and take it from there.  This eclectic bunch of songs are from the heart and represent a thousand different influences from a lifetime of music making, we hope you enjoy them.”
Rob and Zoë x


  1. Life Goes On (5:10)
  2. Better Days (5:27)
  3. If Only I Could Be with (4:45)
  4. Hello My Old Friend (5:30)
  5. Give Me the Key to Your Heart (3:25)
  6. I’ll Be Here for You (5:57)
  7. I Hope I See the Day (3:23)
  8. When the Blues Come a Knocking (4:33)
  9. Amazon Woman (5:23)
  10. I Cry Just to Think of It (4:15)
  11. *Tell Me (4:11)
  12. Come and Lay with Me (4:03)

All songs written by Rob Koral and Zoe Schwarz 
except * written by Sue Hawker and Rob Koral
A ‘House of Tone’ recording:
at Superfly Studios by Andy Banfield Nottingham on 16th-20th Sept 2019
Mixed & Mastered by Wayne Proctor
Photos by David Burges (
Design Margarita Vazquez (
Golly Gallagher - - 44 (0)7904 232292

Rob Koral guitars
Zoë Schwarz vocals
Pete Whittaker Hammond organ 
and Wurlitzer electric piano
Paul Robinson drums and percussion
Ian Ellis tenor saxophone
Patrick Hayes trombone