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Price: £10.00

  • Label: 33 records
  • Catalog Number: 33WM150
  • Release Date: 29-09-2014
  • Distributor: Proper Note

"Zoe and her band have reached the point where they cannot be ignored and are poised to make the international breakthrough they deserve"
The Bishop, Blues Matters, Jan 2014

Zoe and her highly accomplished band have been on an intense, exciting and creative journey this last two and a half years.

This, the band’s third album in that short space of time, and once again features the varied and dynamic writing of Zoe and Rob. All thirteen songs show case the distinct elements of the band: Zoe’s yearning, passionate and commanding vocal style, Rob’s distinct and easily recognisable touch and flow on guitar, Pete’s sensitive accompaniment and virtuosic solos, Paul’s massive authority and groove, and Si’s flamboyant harmonica.

"A whip-crack band and a six-foot blond clad in black with bling … Zoe’s expressive voice & a confident band with impressive material"
Pete Feenstra, Classic Rock The Blues Magazine, Feb 2014

  1. Angel Of Mercy - Koral/Schwarz (5:23 mins)
  2. Smile - Koral/Schwarz (4.23 mins)
  3. Let Me Sing The Blues - Koral/Schwarz (4:16 mins)
  4. Let’s Explain (Blues for Billie) - Koral/Schwarz (6:33 mins)
  5. You Knock Me Out - Koral/Schwarz (4:49 mins)
  6. Heroes - Sue Hawker/Rob Koral (4:49 mins)
  7. If I Had Wings - Koral/Schwarz (4:36 mins)
  8. I No Longer Feel Blue - Koral/Schwarz (4:13 mins)
  9. You’re Not Alone - Koral/Schwarz (3:13 mins)
  10. I’m Glad - Koral/Schwarz (4:27 mins)
  11. I Wonder Who My Next Man Will Be – Koral/Schwarz (3:51 mins)
  12. Fifteen Days - Koral/Schwarz (3:59 mins)
  13. Broken Heart Blues - Koral/Schwarz (4:57 mins)

Zoë Schwarz – vocals
Rob Koral – guitars
Pete Whittaker – Hammond organ
Si Genaro – harmonica/backing vocals
Ian Ellis – tenor saxophone, Andy Urquhart – trumpet

Recorded on 28th & 29th May 2013 at The Poole College Studios
Recording Engineer by Lewis Haley
Mixed & Mastered by Carl Chamberlain and Rob Koral
Produced by Rob Koral