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The Blues' Don't Scare Me

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  • 33WM148
  • The Blues' Don't Scare Me
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  • Label: 33 Records
  • Catalog Number: 33WM148
  • Release Date: 25 September 2013
  • A popular, exciting and highly original blues flavoured six-piece band.

    "Some of the best blues I've heard come out of Great Britain in decades. As a matter of fact, this group would certainly fit into the category of the "Future Of British Blues"
    Peter Lauro, Blues Editor, Mary4Music.com (USA)

    Through the band’s CD GOOD TIMES and subsequent reviews both here and in America, Zoe has proved herself to be an incredible vocalist whose passionate, yearning style is the cherry on the cake of a superb six piece line-up, in which each of the band members is as important as the other.

    "Zoe Schwarz has found the ultimate line up which can fully realise her considerable talent"The Bishop (David J. Scot) Blues Matters (UK) and Blues Wax (USA)

    1. I Believe In You - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (6:23mins)
    2. Liberated Woman - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (4:20mins)
    3. The Blues Don’t Scare Me – R. Koral/Z. Schwarz (4:05mins)
    4. I’ll Be Yours Tonight - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (4:24mins)
    5. We’ll Find A Way - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (5:25mins)
    6. Lucifer Is Bluemusic-Koral/Schwarz, words-Phil Coles (5:19mins)
    7. Just Another Day - Sue Hawker/Rob Koral (4:52mins)
    8. Your Sun Shines Rain - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (4:18mins)
    9. Billie’s Blues - Billie Holiday (4:34mins)
    10. Come Home Sweet Baby - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (3:15mins)
    11. Pebble In My Pond - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (4:18mins)
    12. Say It Isn’t So - Rob Koral/Zoe Schwarz (4:10mins)

    Zoe Schwarz - vocals
    Rob Koral - guitars
    Si Genaro - harmonica/backing vocals/rap
    Pete Whittaker - Hammond organ
    Pat Davey - bass
    Rodney Teague - bass tr. 8&12
    Paul Robinson - drums & percussion