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Price: £10.00

  • Label: 33 Records
  • Catalog Number: 33WM152
  • Release Date: 04-04-2016
  • Distributor: Proper Note

“Since the first Blue Commotion gig January 2012, and the release of the band’s first album GOOD TIMES June 2012, Zoë Schwarz and Rob Koral, the creative force behind the band, have been in perpetual motion, a journey of ‘non-stop creativity’ and ‘positive energy’. Add the pedigree of the other band members and we arrive at this point, just four years later, with the fifth Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion album LIVEWIRE.”
Paul Jolly @ 33 Records

Zoë Schwarz – vocals
Rob Koral – guitar
Paul Lawrence Francis – bass
Paul Robinson – drums

  1. The Blues Don’t Scare Me – Koral/Schwarz
  2. Glory Box – Portishead
  3. There’s Only You – Koral/Schwarz
  4. I Put A Spell On You – Jay Hawkins
  5. Move Over – Janis Joplin
  6. I’m In The Mood – Koral/Schwarz
  7. Come Home Sweet Baby – Koral/Schwarz
  8. Blues Get Off My Shoulder - Bobby Parker
  9. You Knock Me Out – Koral/Schwarz
  10. I Won’t Cry Over You – Koral/Schwarz
  11. Heartbreak Tears – Koral/Schwarz
  12. *Too Much Of A Good Thing – Koral/Schwarz

* Bonus unreleased studio track

Recorded LIVE by Simon Taylor on 3.10.15
at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe

Mixed by Carl Chamberlain & Rob Koral
Mastered by Stuart Dixon
Produced by Rob Koral
Photos by Richie Brown & Margarita Vazquez
Design by Margarita Vazquez

*Bonus track musicians:
Ben Taylor – double bass,
Si Genaro–harmonica, Pete Whittaker–Hammond organ

*British Blues Awards: Runner Up Best Band–2015 & Runner Up Best Female Vocals 2014 & 2015

*Best Band & 2nd Best Album–Blues In The South 2014

*3rd Best Band & 2nd Best Vocalist–Blues Matters poll 2014

“To my mind, the reason for recording and releasing live albums is to capture the “essence” of a fully formed artist or band. It’s to catch them in their most comfortable environment, enjoying themselves in front of an audience. A great album doesn’t have to be note perfect, it’s about hearing musicians who enjoy playing together, listening to, and feeding off each other; playing material that has grown and developed through the chemistry of the band. This recording, I believe, captures the “essence” of Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion.
Rob Koral