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This Is The Life I Choose

Price: £10.00

  • Label: 33 Records
  • Catalog Number: 33WM156
  • Release Date: 03-03-2017
  • Distributor: Proper Note

Zoe Schwarz - vocals
Rob Koral - guitars
Pete Whittaker - Hammond organ
Paul Robinson - drums & percussion

Ian Ellis - sax tracks 2,8 & 9
Andy Urquhart - trumpet tracks 2,8 & 9
Julie Staines - backing vocals tracks 6, 8 & 9

Recorded 24th & 25th Oct 2016 at Platform Studios
Engineered & Mastered by Stuart Dixon
Additional overdubs recorded by Carl Chamberlain
Mixed by Stuart Dixon & Rob Koral
Produced by Rob Koral
Photos by Al Stuart
Design by Margarita Vazquez

“Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion have been gigging and recording together since February 2012, it’s been a very fertile and productive time with ‘This Is The Life I Choose’ being the band’s 4th studio album; all of which are full of potent and diverse original songs. Add to this, two ‘live’ albums, and it is obvious that the musical chemistry and drive of song writers Zoe and Rob will not let the band stagnate for a moment. The individual CVs of the four musicians is second to none on the British Music scene. Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion have made a name and reputation for consummate musicianship, stylish delivery, and a deep rooted, rich and diverse musical vocabulary.”
- Paul Jolly, 33 Records

“Blue Commotion is a breath of fresh air on a contemporary music scene too often dominated by image, the bottom line and the need for an instant hook. They refresh the blues genre with mostly self penned material, hugely original arrangements, virtuosic playing and, of course, Zoe Schwarz’s majestic vocal sweep and interpretive ability.‘This Is the Life I Choose’ proudly confirms them as an independent band who stand proudly above the cut and thrust of the ‘music biz’ and pursue their muse with real vitality and passion. They rock, they groove, they swing, they jam, and always make an essential meaningful connection with their free spirited approach. Some people call it blues, the band would probably settle for just damn fine music!”
- Pete Feenstra / Award winning promoter, DJ & Features Editor - Get Ready To Rock, 2017


  1. Hold On (lyric by Phil Coles) (4:22 mins)
  2. My Baby Told Me So (4:19 mins)
  3. People (4:07 mins)
  4. Broken (5:11 mins)
  5. I Wanna Get Something Started With You (3:26 mins)
  6. Free From You (3:45 mins)
  7. This Is The Life I Choose (6:33 mins)
  8. Exit (lyric by Phil Coles) (3:37 mins)
  9. I Can’t Live Like That (5:02 mins)
  10. No Money In My Pocket (lyric by Pete Feenstra) (3:38 mins)
  11. Call Of The Night (poem by Pete Feenstra) (5:27 mins)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. We’re Going Wrong (Jack Bruce) (4:54 mins)
  2. Feeling Good (Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse) (5:11 mins)
    Bricusse) (5:11 mins)
    All songs written by Rob Koral

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