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Wild Hearts - Rob Koral

Price: £10.00

  • Label: RKUK Records
  • Catalog Number: RKUK001
  • Release Date: 28-05-2021
  • Distributor: Proper Music

Exciting instrumental trio music featuring guitar, Hammond organ and drums. Played live in the studio,  this record captures those spontaneous moments that can only happen when the players and the music just  click. The only prerequisite was for the musicians to just “play”, have fun, stretch out as much as the moment  demanded; and not worry about commercial considerations, as a result documenting unscripted, magical  moments.  

Roy says: “I definitely didn’t tell Pete and Jeremy what or how to play; in that sense, the music is a genuine  collaboration, and as a result, consistently surprised even us!”


  1. Show Me the Way– 5:46
  2. 2. Funky ‘D’ – 7:14
  3. Summer – 8:12
  4. Take Me Back* - 4:40
  5. Saving Grace – 7:18
  6. The Showdown – 5:17
  7. The Beyond – 5:00
  8. Hold Tight – 5:37

Rob Koral–guitar 
Pete Whittaker–Hammond organ
Jeremy Stacey–drums
IG: @robkoralguitar
YouTube: Rob Koral guitar

Recorded at Crescent Studios on 7th December 2020
Engineered by Damon Sawyer 
Mixed and mastered by Paul Stacey 
Artwork by Margarita Vazquez