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Album Review 'This Is The Life I Choose': AAJ USA C Michael Bailey - Aug 2017

"a progressive and provocative 21st Century blues band"

Zoe Schwarz and her band, the Blue Commotion, have been making a name for themselves in their native England for the better part of this decade. With five albums to their credit, the band and singer have firmly established themselves as a progressive and provocative 21st Century blues band. Blue Commotion is nominally a guitar-organ trio, a tight funky one. Schwarz' voice is durable and obviously teachable and evolving. If Zoë Schwarz Blues Commotion (33 Jazz Records, 2012) was the singer's polite collection of blues standards and Slow Burn (33 Jazz Records, 2013) as her jazz nod, then This Is the Life I Choose is where she and husband/guitarist Bob Koral throwback the whiskey and turn up the volume. Way up. A majority of eleven regular and two bonus tracks are smart originals addressing all corners of blues, rock, and R&B. Additionally, Schwarz and Koral find that distinctly British herb, the one used by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and other like-minded British invasion musicians to add their personal touch to the American art form. Hear "Free From You" to hear a true musical mutation to something new and exciting.

    • Words by: C. MICHAEL BAILEY