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Blues In Britain Issue 127 July 2012

‘Good Times’ (33JAZZ227)

This consummate band of five highly-talented musicians, energetically complement Zoe’s outstanding, lyrical vocals.

Pete Whittaker excels with some profound extemporising on Hammond, whilst the subtle rhythm section, of Paul Robinson (percussion) and Rodney Teague (bass) create a world-class impetus.

The 24/7 perfect partnership between the talents of Rob Koral a self-made, natural blues man and Zoe Schwarz – born to sing – whether church, classical, jazz or blues, creates the exceptional, original songs, of which they are justifiably so proud.

In ‘Give Him Up Girl’, (a tribute to Billie Holiday), Zoe’s mournful, tender, voice tells of the tribulations of cruel love, with raw and true emotion, Pete Whittaker gets a slinky groove going on B3. Rob Koral is quite simply a guitar genius, whilst Si Genaro’s harp is amazing, and all tightly woven together by Robinson’s classy drums and Teague’s cool bass.

Zoe is a modern sister, who would not put up with Billie’s ill-treatment. She empowers her –“You try to be strong girl, you got to help yourself, you’ve got to loose him girl and put him on the shelf”. Buy this CD soon. It’s remarkable.

words by: Bernadette Middleton