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Blues In Britain Magazine, Issue 201, Sept 2018, Live Review, Ealing Blues Festival

... On the Main Stage the classy Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion brought boppy 60s flavours in 'Say It Isn't So' and the snare-driven 'I'll Do Anything'; Meters-y grooves in 'I Can't Live Like That' and 'Thank You'; and jagged punky edges in 'Down In The Caves' and the frenetic two-step of 'People', Zoe's cracking vocal showed smoky tones on the slinky shuffle of 'My Baby Told Me So', and ranged from emotional belt to breathy regret on 'You've Changed'. Both those tracks showcased Pete Whittaker's proggy classical-tinged keys, and Rob Koral's frets-less-travelled inventive guitar.  Another highlight was 'The Blues And I Should Have A Party': Paul Robinson providing the swinging waltz beat, Zoe alternating between Kittish ennui and melodramatic oomph, and Rob adding two diverse and wide-ranging solos without a single blues cliché.

  • Words by: Paul Unger