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Album review, Blues In The South October 2013

My Oh My! What a stunner this one is. Blue Commotion have been lurking waiting to pounce and now it has come. All the band members have as they say 'paid their dues' and none more so than Zoe who has developed as a singer in the most remarkable way. Coming from a jazz background she brings to the blues world a degree of vocal control that is all too rarely heard. She knows instinctively when the plaintive Billie voice is need and when as Taj Mahal put it, it is time to move to 'shouting in key'.

And of course the band have come with her. Rob Koral's guitar work is masterful, Si Genaro's harp is up there with the best (reminding me of Paul Oscher at the top of his form) and the back line, Paul Whittaker (Hammond) Paul Robinson (dms) and Pat Davey (b) Rodney Teague (b tb) are solid and inventive at the same time (surely nominations must follow). On many tracks there is a fabulous horn section too. I'm in heaven.

The title track is simply outstanding, written by Zoe and Rob, it is already my 'song of the year' But there are many other gems here too.

Check out Liberated Woman and Pebble In My Pond. But on second thoughts don't! Just go and buy the album and enjoy the 12 flawless tracks all immaculately recorded. A winner!

words by: Ian McKenzie (Editor)