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Bottleneck Blues Club, Rochester, Live Review, Blues In Britain Magazine, Nov 2017

Adult music that makes people go home happy

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion came to the Bottleneck on a nice warm September evening to sing some of her own songs and some covers and made it even warmer: can that lady sing!

from the minute that she and her fine band got on the stage they gave a hundred percent and then some, whether she seas rocking along or singing those big ballads that she belts out.  On guitar Rob Koral, her husband and co-writer: a fine player that did not try to steal the lime-light as he knew where the crowd were concentrating.  The drummer, Paul Robinson, worked his socks off to keep a rhythm as this band has no bass player, and to make this completely work the hammond organ player Pete Whittaker also helped out with a steady bass rhythm plus the great intricate playing he likes to do. 

   Highlights of the evening were many with the standout numbers their own 'Angel Of Mercy', 'I Believe In You', plus a great version of Billie holiday's 'Fine And Mellow'.  This is adult music that makes people go home happy on a Tuesday night:  things are not so bad when you can go out and listen to live music in the middle of the week. 

  • Words by: Alan Kyle