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Classic Rock's 'The Blues Magazine', Issue 18, Jan/Feb 2015

Album review for 'EXPOSED' 8*s 'Prolific British outfit cause further kerfuffle'

Zoe Schwarz and the band's third album in as many years has a clear sense of progression.   Opening track Angel Of Mercy, with its clever tempo and mood changes, reaches one crescendo after another: just like Beatitudes from the Good Times CD, Schwarz and guitarist Rob Koral have come up with a song that will surely become a classic in years to come.    

The blues underpins everything here, with the uptempo Let Me Sing The Blues and Broken Heart Blues, plus the earthy I Wonder Who My Next Man Will Be.  The Billie Holiday influences include Fifteen Days and Let's Explain, and contemporary jazz is represented in Heroes.  Schwarz sings with honesty and intensity while Koral's guitar solos are compelling, tasteful and interspersed with memorable riffs.  

The next one can't come soon enough. 

  • Words by: David Scott