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Jazzwise Magazine, (voted best jazz media 2013) Issue 181 Dec2013/Jan 2014

Album review - the Blues Don't Scare Me (33WM148) - 4 out of 5 stars

     Judging by this latest release from her six-piece blues band Blue Commotion, it's clear that Zoe Schwarz's voice just gets more dynamic and characterful with each new album.  The material ranges from brass-driven, swashbuckling anthems (including the title track and 'Sat It Isn't So') to the existential angst of the nine to five ('Just Another day') to the archetypal tale of heartbreak ('Come Home Sweet Baby').

     It's also great to hear a track penned by one of the singer's most important touchstones, Billie Holiday, in the shape of a hard-hitting 'Billie's Blues'.   Great soloing here too by harmonica player Si Genaro, Hammond organist Pete Whittaker and guitarist (and producer), Rob Koral, who is a key presence throughout.  Add into the mix a terrific blues shuffle ('Pebble In My Pond'), which showcases the potent, punchy band sound, and you have an album to savour.

words by: Peter Quinn