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RnR UK magazine, Album Review 'The Blues And I Should Have A Party', & Cover-mount CD track 'Way Down In The Caves' Mar/Apr 2018

"... this is gorgeous music that grips and caresses in equal measure."

Cover Mount Track, editors note: "Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion have appeared on 'UN-Herd' in the past too, and since have continued to build on their live and studio reputation with quality, classic blues-flavoured rock, in the manner of the autobiographical 'Way Down In The Caves' from their new album, 'The Blues And I Should Have A Party'".

4/5 star review:  Hot off the heels of 2017's 'This Is The Life I Choose' comes Blue Commotion's fifth studio album in as many years.  It can be no small coincidence that the dictionary definition for the word 'prolific' has synonyms of luxuriant, rich and lush, as those three words are absolutely apt for this sort of blues.

    Underpinned with the soulful groove of Pete Whittaker's Hammond organ, 'You've Changed' allows Schwarz to swim in her silky vocals with a voice not far away from that Dame Shirley Bassey sound.  The band really shines, through, on the low-down blues songs and 'Don't Worry Blues' has everything that the template desires: sharp twitchy guitar from Rob Koral, more distracted keyboards from Whittaker, and Schwarz's tormented vocals.   

   With most of the thirteen tracks coming in at over five minutes, 'The Blues And I Should Have A Party ' is an album that befits the length of the title and allows the listener to wallow in each number.   The Luxuriant approach is even enabled for the likes of the funky 'My Handsome Man' and the swinging ' Tell Me'.  Whether foot tapping in your armchair or spinning on the floor,   


    • Words by: Graham Hayes